Whose "Yesterday" Do You Like Better: Lea Michele's or Carrie Underwood's?

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Both Glee's Lea Michele and Carrie Underwood have recently covered The Beatles' tune "Yesterday." Lea sang the song in the season premiere of 'Glee,' while Carrie sang it during the Emmy Awards, but who sang it better? Glee's back! Thursday's premiere began with Rachel (Lea Michele) singing The Beatles' classic "Yesterday." That made it twice in one week that two different female stars performed the hit ballad.

Carrie Underwood performed her rendition of "Yesterday" on Sunday's Emmy Awards as part of a tribute to the biggest television events from 50 years ago. As she belted out the tune, images of the Fab Four were displayed behind her. Some fans were pretty tough on Carrie, but Sir Paul McCartney himself reached out to encourage her before the show.

As for the Glee version of the song, Rachel sings "Yesterday" because her Funny Girl callback does not go well. Though in her mind she is right for the part, the Funny Girl producer and lead actor are looking for someone who is a little less "green." They joke about about calling Claire Danes to have her read for the role of Fanny Brice. Overhearing those words, Rachel is crushed and sings the tune as she thinks of her friends back in glee club at McKinley High. Of course it's hard not to hear a little bit of Lea's own difficult time in her emotional delivery. Lea lost her on and off-screen love, Cory Monteith, who passed away suddenly after a drug overdose this July.

Whose rendition of the Beatles tune do you like best, the Glee starlet's or the country cutie's (below)?


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