Justin Bieber Apparently Makes His Bodyguards Carry Him Up The Great Wall of China, Run Behind Him on Skateboard (PIC!)

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Is Justin Bieber back at his old ways again?

This time the Biebs was caught making his bodyguards carry him up The Great Wall of China! We aren't kidding! That's not all he did either...

According to several Instagram pictures, Justin made his guys carry him around the landmark and also literally run after him while he skateboarded around Beijing the day before!

Uh, can you say DIVA?

Fans defended his ways on Twitter but his actions didn't go without others calling him ridiculous and demanding. These are just two more things to add to Bieber's crazy ways lately. Just when we thought he was calming down and acting right...!

Why in the world would we have his guards carry him? And really, run behind him on a skateboard? We love you Bieber but that's a little too much for us! What's your deal?

What do you think about Justin's making his bodyguards carry and run after him? Chime in!

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