'Teen Mom 3' Episode 7 Recap: Loneliness, Lies and Feeling Left Out

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On this week's episode of 'Teen Mom 3,' Mackenzie Douthit is struggling with her fiance Josh McKee as he seems to be completely uninterested in hanging out with her...

This week, on Teen Mom 3, the girls are all trying to move forward with their lives, but find themselves being held back by their children's fathers.

Alex Sekella is worried that her ex-boyfriend Matt is back on drugs and wants to keep her daughter Arabella away from him, so she is trying to get full custody. She's also starting to feel a little overwhelmed trying to balance work, school and trying to be a mom.

In an attempt to do something nice for herself, Alex goes and gets a tattoo of her daughter's footprint with her name on it.

Meanwhile, Matt seems like he's trying to get his life back on track as he meets with a counselor and enrolls in a program. When it comes time for Matt's first meeting, he flakes and storms out when the counselor asked him what happened, so it looks like the program might not work out.

A few days later, Alex gets a call from Matt's friend that he is being rushed to the hospital and they fear that he overdosed.

Katie Yeager is faced with a very different set of problems as she is thinking of going to school in Utah and when she asks her fiancé Joey if he would be interested in going with her, he doesn't want any part of it.

At one point, Joey opens up to the idea and gets a job offer in Utah, so it looks like them moving there together might be a possibility.

Unfortunately, that is short-lived and Joey insists that he doesn't want to move to Utah and tries to convince Katie to stay put. He makes himself pretty clear when he says "I'm not being a d*ck to you, but I will never move to Utah." So, that settles that.

As for Briana DeJesus, she is worried about facing her ex Devoin in court since she recently filed for the order of protection and in order to help keep her in good spirits, her sister takes her and her daughter Nova to a baby music class and they all have a great time.

Eventually the day comes where Briana must face Devoin in court and the judge presents him with the things he posted on Twitter, but Devoin denies all of them and the case is dismissed because the judge feels Briana does not have sufficient evidence to prove her case.

Mackenzie Douthit, on the other hand, is still engaged to her child's father Josh, but he seems a little uninterested in her and basically only cares about his rodeo stuff, which he is not including her in.

When the rodeo does roll around, Josh is acting really distant and Mackenzie is worried about what he might be thinking with regard to their relationship. At one point, she admits that she thinks she would have moved on if they didn't have a child together.

Since her and Josh do have a child together, she decides instead to make an appointment with a relationship counselor, but she goes by herself.

This week was definitely another super sad episode, where we didn't really get to see any of the girls experience any kind of joy.

Hopefully things turn around for all of them soon because it's been a pretty big bummer of a season so far.

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