'The Voice' Blind Auditions Part 3 Recap: Adam Levine Fights for Christina Aguilera

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Find out what happened on part three of the blind auditions for season five of 'The Voice,' including the best quotes from the judges and which coaches the contestants picked.

On tonight's episode of The Voice, the blind auditions continued as we were introduced to another batch of hopefuls and saw the competition heat up between the judges as some of the singers were so good, they were willing to do anything to get them on their team.

First up was Ray Bordeaux, who sang "Use Me."

His soulful rendition of the song seemed like it was tailor-made for Blake Shelton, who turned his chair soon after Ray's performance started.

Even Adam Levine admitted that Ray seemed like a "more handsome Blake" with an especially cool voice.

Although Cee Lo Green turned his chair as well, Ray realized that he would be a better fit for team Blake and picked him as his coach.

When Ray went backstage after his performance, there was an adorable moment where his daughter exclaimed "you win" and hugged him, which was actually one of our favorite moments from the whole season so far.

Next up was former model Lina Gaudenzi, who sang Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide."

While it's always hard to imitate Stevie Nicks' legendary voice, Linda did very well and impressed both Christina Aguilera and Blake.

It looked like Blake was about to get his second contestant of the evening, but Adam made a pretty convincing case for Christina, saying that she recognized Lina's talent first and should be rewarded for that-and she was as Lina picked her as her new coach.

The next contestant was 16-year-old Juhi who has a 4.0 GPA, but is willing to put her school on hold if she advances on The Voice.

Her cover of "Mercy" got both Christina and Cee Lo to turn, with Cee Lo saying her sound was strong, yet effortless, which was apparently exactly what she wanted to hear because despite Christina's compliments, she picked Cee Lo as her coach.

Next, we met Malford Milligan, who overcame a lot in his lifetime as he struggled with being African-American and albino, which he said was extremely difficult for him as he looked very different than most people.

For that reason, he was glad the blind auditions were blind because he knew he would be judged solely on his voice and not on his looks.

While the coaches all agreed that he had a great voice, unfortunately nobody turned for him-although Blake did say he would buy his record whenever it came out.

Justin Blake was up next, who took a big risk by singing Blake Shelton's "Sure Be Cool If You Did."

While Blake debated turning around, he didn't end up hitting his button, but Adam did and since he was the only coach who turned for Justin, he was his coach by default. The funny thing is that Adam didn't even know it was one of Blake's songs.

The next contestant was 15-year-old Timyra-Joi, who sang "Girl on Fire" and Christina hit her button almost as soon as the song began.

Blake hit his button next and was followed by Cee Lo, who Timyra said that she had her eye on before she even set foot on stage.

Adam fought hard for Christina again and the lone female judge tried to appeal to her telling her that she started young, too, and she's a woman so they can relate to each other.

Ultimately, Timyra-Joi was convinced by Christina's pitch and chose her as her coach.

Next up was 28-year-old Monika Leigh who is working as an administrative assistant in a hotel and hasn't performed in four years.

Her soulful rendition of "The Thrill Is Gone" got Adam and Cee Lo and Blake to turn their chairs and Christina was the only holdout, but Monika still told her she was beautiful when she turned around.

Adam and Blake both said they wanted to build their teams around her and Blake even pulled out his trophies to try to convince her. Monika said she didn't think she was very country, but Blake argued that he's only won the show with one country artist and convinced Monika to pick him as her coach.

The next contestant was Zach Hinson who enjoys his career as a firefighter, but feels that music could give him a much better life with less risks.

Unfortunately, none of the coaches turned for Zach and he was sent home.

A celebrity sibling took the stage next as Kaley Cuoco's sister Briana Cuoco (who is also her assistant) finally got her time in the spotlight.

Kaley couldn't have been more supportive of her sister and is thrilled that she might finally get her time to shine. She even admitted that she's probably more nervous than Briana is because she wants this so badly for her.

Briana sang a sort of country-techno version of Lady Gaga's "You and I" and it took a little while, but Christina hit her button and thought she had it in the bag, but Cee Lo hit his at the very last second.

Briana eventually decided on Christina as her coach and Cee Lo was a little bummed, but what can you do?

Next up was George Horga Jr. who sang Bruno Mars' "Treasure."

While all the women in the audience went wild for George, Cee Lo was the only coach who turned for him, so he joined team Cee Lo by default, which Adam actually thought was a great pairing.

The final contestant was Preston Pohl who sang "Electric Feel" and he earned the first (and only) four-chair turn of the evening.

All of the coaches fought pretty hard for him, with Adam probably fighting the hardest, which ultimately earned him a commitment from Preston.

What did you think tonight's blind auditions? Did any one contestant stand out for you?



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