Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Already Married?

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Angelina Jolie sparked rumors that she and Brad Pitt secretly tied the knot after she was spotted wearing an extra band on her ring finger... Did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie secretly tie the knot?

The duo originally said they were going to wait until it was legal for everyone to marry before they walked down the aisle, but rumors have been swirling for awhile that they are already planning an extravagant ceremony.

Now, people are wondering if they decided to forego the fanfare and have already quietly said their "I do's" as Angelina's new accessory has a lot of people talking.

The actress was spotted shopping in Australia on Sunday and was wearing a second band on her ring finger, where she had previously only been wearing a single band.

Brad did take Angie on a huge jewelry shopping spree last week, so maybe this was just one of the things he bought her, but why would she be wearing it where a wedding band would go?

After all, she has nine other fingers that she could have put it on...

Do you think Angelina and Brad secretly got married?

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