Elounor vs. Larry Shippers: Eleanor Calder Defends Louis Tomlinson's Sister

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Louis Tomlinson's sister Lottie has apologized for slamming Larry Stylinson shippers on Instagram. Louis' girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, is supporting Lottie and getting her own diss in on fans that have harassed Louis and his family. Get the latest. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-61%

If you missed the drama that recently blew up about Louis Tomlinson's sister, Lottie, and Larry Stylinson shippers, let us catch you up.

And point out one person in her corner: Louis' girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

Lottie slammed fans on Instagram for their rude comments about Louis and Harry's reported romance--and she took a lot of heat for it.

Lottie called the Larry shippers "deluded freaks," with one fan vocally firing back, writing: "I'd rather be called a deluded freak than be a 15-year-old little girl...You think you can insult us and we're not allowed to fight back?...You're not better than any one of us, so stop being a b**** and grow up."

Lottie has since apologized for her comments, but Eleanor is firmly on Team Lottie, telling her not to apologize.

Eleanor wrote, "Some people are VILE. You have nothing to apologise for Lotts xxxx"

Further, Louis' gf wrote, "Oh, but it's okay for these 'fans' to send abusive and threatening messages to Louis' younger sisters? And that's not horrible?!"

Fans are divided on who's right and who's wrong here, with Larry shippers believing they have the right to talk about the rumored romance, but Elounor fans believing it's not fair to Eleanor and Louis.

Do you think Lottie was right to defend Louis?

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