Jane Lynch Talks 'A.C.O.D.' Humor: "Any Good Comedy Is Bittersweet"

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'A.C.O.D.' stars Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Catherine O'Hara and Clark Duke talk to us about their new film, things their parents did to embarrass them and what they hope you take away from the movie! Ready for a good laugh?

A.C.O.D. is a new film--and an abbreviation for Adult Children of Divorce, in case you were wondering like we certainly were--starring the hilarious quartet of Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Catherine O'Hara and Clark Duke.

Adam plays Carter, a young man who's been affected by his parents' divorce since childhood.
"I thought it was a really funny script, and it reminded me of Flirting With Disaster," Adam tells us. "It's Stuart's [Zicherman] story too. He wrote and directed it with Ben Karlin, who also wrote it," says Jane. "They're both adult children of divorce."

Divorce can be a sensitive subject, but A.C.O.D. balances the laughs perfectly. "I think any good comedy is bittersweet," Jane says. "The best comedy comes from drama," adds Catherine. "It's when you most need to laugh."

Carter's parents embarrass him quite a bit in the film, and Jane and Catherine can relate. "I think I'm just afraid of being an embarrassing parent," Catherine tells us. "I'll be joking with my kids' friends, but my face will turn red just thinking, 'You wish I'd leave the room, don't you?'" Jane inherited part of her dad's sense of humor. "My dad is corny like, 'Jane just flew in from California, boy are her arms tired!' Crazy stupid jokes," she says.

It may be a comedy, but the cast has very high hopes for A.C.O.D. "You've got to laugh and hopefully adults who've been through this will find a new perspective," Catherine says. "Maybe we'll bring some families back together," says Clark. Adam adds, "We're going to heal the world with this movie."

A.C.O.D. hits theaters on October 4.


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