'The Voice' Blind Auditions Part 4 Recap: A Surprise From Last Season

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On part four of 'The Voice' season five blind auditions, we got to see a returning contestant from last season, who didn't make it past the blinds...

Tonight on The Voice, we met a brand new batch of contestants and saw one huge surprise as a contestant from last season came back for a second chance and earned a four-chair turn.

The first contestant, Will Champlin, definitely comes from a musical background. His father was a member of the popular band Chicago and it looks like dad passed down his incredible ability to his son.

When Will took the stage, the judges all listened for awhile before any of them pushed their buttons, but eventually Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green all turned their chairs for Will.

Will struggled a little bit with his decision, but eventually he knew he had to pick a coach and he decided on Adam.

Macey Estes was up next singing "The Way."

Macey was really hoping to get Christina Aguilera as her coach, but unfortunately none of the judges turned for her and she was sent home.

The next contestant was Stephanie Anne Johnson, who works on a cruise ship in Alaska playing music.

Stephanie belted out "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree."

Christina and Cee Lo were the only judges that turned for Stephanie, but she was thrilled that any of them did.

Christina seemed a little self-conscious saying that Stephanie plays guitar and she doesn't, but Blake sold it for her when he said "You're Christina freakin' Aguilera-who cares!" and Stephanie agreed and picked her as her coach telling her she would be her first winner.

Sam Cerniglia was next and despite the difficulties he's had to overcome, he jumped on the stage and belted out the fun tune "It's a Beautiful Day," which got both Blake and Cee Lo to push their buttons. '

Cee Lo showered Sam with compliments, telling him that he's a "Ladies Man" and that they should hang out, but it looks like he's going to be spending his time with Blake for awhile because he picked the country crooner as his coach.

Next up was Jennifer Newberry who came to America from Sweden to pursue her dream. Her raspy rendition of "Locked Out of Heaven" sadly didn't get any of the coaches to push their buttons.

We got a blast from the past when we saw James Irwin, who was a contestant last season who didn't make it through the blind auditions last time and is hoping the second time is the charm.

James barely got through the first few notes of "Losing My Religion" before Cee Lo and Christina turned and they were followed almost immediately by Blake and Adam.

It was pretty incredible that James came back after not making it and then earned a four-chair turn (and a fast one!)

After finding himself in a position he probably didn't expect himself to be in, James struggled with his decision before ultimately deciding on Adam.

Next, we met blonde bombshell Olivia Henken who sang "Two Black Cadillacs."

Christina was the first to turn, with Cee Lo joining in at the very last minute. In her pitch, Christina emphasized the fact that she pushed her button first and told Olivia that she felt like she really connected to her.

Cee Lo tried to explain to Olivia that he was going to challenge her not to do country and made everyone blush a little bit when he told her he'd put her "in some different positions," which forced him to have to explain himself.

Whether it was Cee Lo's slip of the tongue or her connection with Christina, Cee Lo lost the battle and Olivia chose Christina as her coach.

Jason Kertson was the next contestant and he was hopeful that they would appreciate the little bit of extra grit he has in his voice.

Jason sang "Lips of An Angel," and it was very good, but unfortunately didn't convince any of the coaches to turn their chairs.

When they found out he was only 16 years old, Adam joked that it makes him feel like less of a man knowing that there is a 16-year-old with a more husky voice than he has.

The next contestant was gospel singer R. Anthony who sang "Hall of Fame."

It looked like Christina was the only one who was going to push her button, but as the last note was dying out, Cee Lo pushed his button, too.

Fortunately, Cee Lo's last-minute button push paid off, because R. Anthony picked him as his coach.

Next up was 23-year-old Justin Chain who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident, which forced him to put his dreams of playing football on the back burner and helped him realize that music was his true calling.

Justin sang "She's Country," which, not surprisingly, got Blake to push his button pretty quickly.

Since Blake was the only one who pushed his button he didn't have to compete for Justin, although it seemed like a shoe-in, anyway.

The final contestant was Ashley Dubose who has been singing ever since she was a child. Now, she has a child of her own and she feels like she's spreading herself too thin trying to work, be a mom and pursue her dream at the same time.

Ashley sang Rihanna's "Diamonds" and Blake, Adam and Christina all turned simultaneously, followed by Cee Lo a few seconds later.

While all the coaches fought hard for Ashley, Adam told her that he desperately wanted to win with her and she liked what she heard, so she picked him as her coach.

Who was your favorite contestant from tonight's episode?



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