Liam Payne's Grandfather Dies, He Misses Funeral for One Direction Tour

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Liam Payne grandfather died missed funeral One Direction concertWe're so sad to hear that Liam Payne's grandfather died recently. And doubly sad to learn that Liam is missing the funeral because of the One Direction tour.

The demands of being in 1D must be making this a difficult time for Liam, who tweeted his thanks for the fans' support.

#StayStrongLiam and #RIPGrandpaPayne have been trending on Twitter today to lift Liam's spirits a bit.

Liam's grandpa's funeral is today and 1D is in Australia for their tour dates--and while he couldn't be with his family, he did dedicate "More Than This" to his grandfather.

Today, he took to Twitter to share his thanks, writing, "Thanks for everyone's support at this hard time obviously this has been a tough few weeks for me I've never been through anything like this"

He added, "And your support means the world so thanks guys night x"

Thinking of you, Liam!

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