Louis Tomlinson Late to One Direction Concert After Fiji Vacay?

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Well, Louis Tomlinson found himself in a spot of trouble, missing an Australian One Direction concert soundcheck after his flight was late from Fiji.

What's Louis talking a vacation to Fiji in the middle of a tour anyway?

He jetted off for a super quick visit, with the plan to return in time for 1D's Melbourne concert.

Only thing is...he didn't count on delays!

1D update accounts had all the details on Louis' delay, which also caused him to miss a One Direction meet and greet, including meeting girl that was there through the Make a Wish organization.

One update account explained: "Apparently Louis is stuck on plane from Fiji, that's why he wasn't at soundcheck today!"

Others noted that the whole concert was delayed while they waited on Louis.

He gave no explanation for being late, only tweeting after the show, "Great show again today!! Loveeee"

Fans weren't particularly impressed with Louis' mini-vacation move, but least he made it for the show!

Things haven't been easy for him lately, as Louis tweeted over the weekend, "Lost my voice :("

This video of Lou's voice cracking at a recent show seems to report the vocal issues (and check out Niall's reaction, too!).

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