Top 3 Moments From Week 2 of 'The Voice' Blind Auditions

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This week's blind auditions on 'The Voice' were full of surprises and funny moments. While the contestants were amazing, some of the stuff that happened in between the songs... This week's blind auditions for The Voice were full of laugh out loud moments and fun surprises.

While we always love hearing the contestants audition, sometimes it's the stuff that happens between the songs that creates the most memorable moments.

We've highlighted our top three favorite moments from this week.

Check out our pics and tell us if your favorite moment made the list:

1. Ray Boudreaux's Daughter

When single father Ray Boudreaux told his story, he talked about his beautiful daughter Audree and how she has impacted his life.

Of course, just seeing her sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" was adorable enough, but after Ray's audition, when he landed himself a coach (Blake Shelton), he went backstage, Audree ran toward him, jumped into his arms and screamed "You won!!" ...and our hearts melted.

2. Cee Lo Green's Slip of the Tongue

During Olivia Henken's audition, we could all see that she was obviously easy on the eyes, and Christina was the first to see for herself when she turned for her. Cee Lo Green didn't turn until a little later, but it looked like he was maybe caught a little off-guard by Olivia's beauty.

When he was trying to pitch her, he told the country singer that he wanted to expand her into different genres, but the statement came out sounding a little...well, inappropriate.

"I will put you in some different positions," Cee Lo said.


Of course, all of the other judges were quick to put him in his place, but Cee Lo explaining that he meant "professional positions" didn't really help him too much.

3. A Blast From the Past

We saw a familiar face this week as James Irwin, who tried out last season and didn't make it past the blind auditions, returned, hoping for a second shot at fame.

The judges last season gave James some helpful hints and it looks like he took all of their advice as he not only scored himself a coach this season, but he earned a four-chair turn during his audition!

More proof that perseverance can really pay off!

What was your favorite moment from this week's blind auditions?



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