Ariana Grande Forgets Lyrics During Live Performance of "Right There"

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Watch as Ariana Grande forgets the lyrics during a live performance of "Right There" (video). How did Ariana handle herself when she blanked twice on the words to the song? She was adorable, as always, finding her way on track after giggling and fumbling. Ariana Grande forgets lyrics Right There videoUh-oh. Ariana Grande forgot the lyrics to one of her songs while performing it live recently at AMP Radio.

And she didn't just forget a little bit and get back on track--she completely blanked, tried again...only to blank yet again!

Things started off great, but when she got to the second verse, she couldn't remember the words, saying to the guitarist, "what are the words to this part?"

She stumbled back on track, giggling throughout, only to totally lose the lyrics again.

She explained, "Wait hold on, can we start from the second verse again? I spent 20 hours shooting the music video to this song yesterday, and how do I not know the words, I know?"

Her fans tried to help out when she blanked, but Ariana couldn't make out what they were saying, joking, "I just hear a bunch of chirping."

After messing up again, she said, "I did it wrong again! How does the second verse start? No one knows the words either?!"

She handled it pretty adorably, getting the right lyrics off stage so she could finish out the performance, saying, "I get butterflies! Oh my God, I can't believe it. Here we go, it never happened!"

Later she took to Twitter to write: "Just forgot the words to Right There on stage."

Aw, happens to the best of them!

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