Kanye West Fails to Freak Out When French Woman Doesn't Know Who He Is

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The notoriously angry rapper keeps his temper in check and is surprisingly pleasant to paparazzi in Paris...see his reaction to a woman who doesn't recognize him! It seems Paris agrees with Kanye West.

Before leaving for Fashion Week in the City of Light with Kim Kardashian, the Yeezus rapper went ballistic on paps staked out in his driveway, calling them "bloodsucking mosquitoes!"

But when photogs caught him with him in Paris, he actually praised them!

"I like how you guys got total respect for yourselves and respect for the people that you photograph and you also take time off," Kanye said. "At 8 o'clock, you're not around people's houses, so I just really appreciate that and respect that. I understand that you have to make a living."

And when a curious pedestrian walked by and asked the photogs who Kanye was, he even politely shook her hand and introduced himself, instead of yelling at her or being rude (though the surprised look on his face for a split second is priceless).

We like this new, softer side of Kanye! Maybe he'll bring his good attitude back to the States with him.

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