One Direction: Busy Schedule Has Harry Styles "Out of Breath"

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Is One Direction's schedule too hectic? Harry Styles, for one, says, "I always feel kind of out of breath" from the demands. Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan weigh in on their demanding tour and enthusiastic fans. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-52%

Is One Direction's busy schedule taking a toll on the guys?

Harry Styles, for one, said he's "out of breath" over the hectic demands of touring, working on new albums, and promoting all their work.

We're afraid these guys are going to get burned out!

While the other 1D lads aren't quite as breathless as Harry, they are definitely feeling the effects of a demanding celeb lifestyle.

There's no sign of slowing down, either. As One Direction finishes out their current tour in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, they have another big stadium tour coming up in 2014.

Speaking about their full plate, Harry told InStyle magazine (via Entertainmentwise), "I always feel kind of out of breath."

When he recently had a break from his busy schedule, he said, he was "ill at home for the first five days."

He does enjoy the little comforts of home though, saying, "[I go to my mum's house], where there's tea on the table. When you've been away you appreciate it so much more."

Louis Tomlinson noted that it's kind of hard to come down from the busy pace they keep, explaining, "We're hyperactive most of the time. I think anyone in our position, at our age, would be the same."

The fans are draining too, as the guys shared some of the more interesting fan encounters.

Liam Payne shared, "Someone tried to give me her house keys today," adding, "There wasn't even an address on them. She just said, 'Take them.' What did she think was going to happen?"

Niall Horan said the fan hiding in the garbage was probably the strangest one though, saying, "I don't think there's anything weirder than getting into a bin."

Here's hoping the guys get a bit of downtime to recharge soon!

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