Demi Lovato and Ruby Rose Lesbian Rumors Heat Up After Instagram and Twitter Drama

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Did Demi Lovato and Ruby Rose hookup? Australian DJ Ruby Rose made a claim on Instagram recently that she "slept with" Demi, but did she out the singer and draw attention to a lesbian relationship? %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-2949%

Demi Lovato has mostly avoided any talk of dating and relationships--but here's a new one: Australian DJ Ruby Rose claims that she and Demi had a lesbian relationship.

On Sunday, Ruby reportedly commented on Instagram that she liked Demi's hair, which opened up a hate-storm...then she dropped this little bomb on Instagram: "I'm like the one person demi has slept with that didnt sell on naked photos of her so eff off @rogoldbe."

She then tweeted: "What just happened to me on [Instagram] wasn't very nice and I retaliated because I stood up for myself. It's all sorted now Back to business..."

She later added: "Think i'll take a few days off social media while @ddlovato's friends attack me for being a 'scorned ex-lover'. get over it!! I liked the hair"

Ruby noted, "Listen, im in no way shocked or offended by the shade im getting from people who have simply cropped my reply to what actually started this"

She added, "However I in no way initiated this, nor did I say something that wasnt already written in the ridiculous post. One sided replies dont cut it."

She summed it all up by tweeting: "However, love and peace to everyone. It is what is it. Remember it doesn't really matter what people think. Its what you know that counts."

Did Ruby out Demi? Did they have a lesbian hookup...or is she just trying to get attention?

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