Kim Kardashian Pulls a Fast One on the Paparazzi (VIDEO!)

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Kim Kardashian managed to trick the paparazzi today as she hid in the car while they stood mere feet from her, not realizing she was hiding inside. Kim took video of the missed encounter and posted...

Kim Kardashian managed to turn the tables on the paparazzi today and the best part is that they had NO idea. Seriously, not a clue.

As she waits in the car for her mom Kris Jenner and friend Jonathan Cheban to finish up a shopping trip, Kim films the paparazzi who are stalking the two of them, not knowing that she is sitting RIGHT THERE!

"The paparazzi just followed my mom and Jonathan in the car...and they have no idea that I'm hiding out in the car," she boasted. "Look! They're running to go to something else..." and then she bursts out laughing.

We can't really blame her, it actually is pretty funny.

In a second video, the photogs are standing mere feet away from her as she films them from the car and congratulates herself on successfully avoiding them.

After all the crazy tactics and strategies they come up with to try to get a picture of her and she's right there under their noses and none of them has any idea.

Congratulations to Kim for a job well done...and for thinking to take the hilarious video to document her sneaky success.

Check out more video from the paps missed photo op below.

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