Lady Gaga Reveals 'ARTPOP' Album Cover With Artsy Surprise

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lady gaga
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Lady Gaga has just revealed the album cover for her much-anticipated album 'ARTPOP' and it's...well, revealing!

The photo features Mother Monster with her legs spread open and a blue crystal ball in between. Although she appears to be completely naked, she is covering her breasts with her hair and her hands.

The reveal also explained a mysterious lyric in her recent single "Applause," where she sings "One second I'm a Koons and suddenly the Koons is me."

She explained that the image in the center of the album cover is a new sculpture by Jeff Koons, which will be on exhibit at the 'ARTPOP' release party on November 10. The photo also features small snippets of a painting that she recently posted to her twitter.

What do you think of Gaga's 'ARTPOP' album cover?

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