Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks Breakup Drama: Nathan Sykes Defends Ariana

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Share Tweet Pin It Email, Jai Brooks laid out a massive accusation about ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande, claiming she cheated on him with current bf Nathan Sykes.

Read here to catch up with all the he-said/she said drama and how Ariana fired back.

But what about Nathan's response to all the drama?

Naturally, he's sticking up for his girl, calling Jai's tweet about Ariana "vicious lies."

Yahoo! OMG UK checked in with Nathan at the Pride Of Britain awards, where he slammed Jai for stirring things up, while praising Ariana for keeping it "classy."

Nathan said of Ariana, ''How classy. Always a lady, always respectable. I think it's such a compliment that people have to lie so viciously about her or for there to be anything bad said about her.''

He added, ''Such class and sophistication--which is why I absolutely adore her.''

We've seen a pretty firm divide of people picking Team Jai or Team Ariana on this whole breakup accusation, but Nathan is pretty sweet, huh?

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