Britney Spears Mocked by Houston Radio Hosts for "Stupid" Interview

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Britney Spears doesn't exactly have a reputation for being a great conversationalist. First, Kid Rock called her a "space cadet," then Simon Cowell admitted that she was "uncomfortable" on the 'X Factor' and now... iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 2 - BackstageBritney Spears is one of those people whose reputation supersedes her. Having been one of the biggest pop stars on the planet with a huge string of successes under her belt, she's still pretty high in demand.

Unfortunately, though, a lot of that demand is for interviews and BritBrit isn't exactly making her mark as the next great conversationalist of our generation.

Recently, Kid Rock slammed the pop star, saying that she was a "space cadet" with a "dead stare."

As if that wasn't enough, Simon Cowell finally addressed all the rumblings about her lack, enthusiasm, on the X Factor, admitting that she was "uncomfortable."

Now, some local radio hosts from Houston are getting in the game, slamming Britney after a recent interview they did, which they say they can't even air because they got in "trouble" for some of the questions they asked.

Lamenting that they only had three topics that they were allowed to talk to her about, they said that Britney should have at least had answers prepared for anything on those subjects.

Fair enough, but in Britney's defense, she's busy being a mom, finishing an album and getting ready for her Vegas show, so we doubt she has a ton of time to dedicate to "prepping" for radio interviews in every city.

Still, the hosts were not happy.

"I'm sorry Britney Spears, you're worth more than $100 million and you know you're going on a tour of interviews, please have some answers more than 'uh huh, that's so cool,'" one of the hosts said, doing her best Britney impression for the 'uh huh' bit.

They also said that getting an answer out of her was like "pulling a marlin off of a boat" and said that she's an entertainer and should have been entertaining like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and even Kanye West are in interviews.

Check out the clip below and tell us if you think they were being a little hard on Britney or if you agree that an entertainer should entertain on and off the stage.

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