'The Voice' Season 5 Blind Auditions Part 5 Recap: Cee Lo Green Picks Up Three New Artists

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On part five of the season five blind auditions, we met a brand new batch of hopefuls, who were trying to score one of the few remaining spots on Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine or Cee Lo Green's teams. On part five of the season five blind auditions for The Voice, we saw a brand new batch of hopefuls trying to score one of the few remaining spots on either Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera or Cee Lo Green's teams.

First up, we met Matt Cermanski, who was a returning contestant from last season. Fortunately, Matt had better luck the second time around, with Adam, Cee Lo and Blake all turning for his rendition of "Have a Little Faith in Me."

Ultimately, Matt decided that Adam would be the best match for him as a singer/songwriter.

The second contestant, Diego Roman Navaira, didn't fare as well as Matt did and none of the coaches turned for his cover of "Rebel Yell."

The next contestant, Tamara Channice took on a tough song when she chose Beyonce's "1+1," but Christina liked what she heard and turned almost immediately, with Cee Lo following shortly after.

Cee Lo was probably the most passionate about Tamara, gushing "it was gorgeous and so are you."

Whether it was his smooth words or his promise as a coach, Tamara was convinced and decided that she wanted to be on Cee Lo's team.

Next up was Brandon Chase whose country background and voice made him a shoe-in for Team Blake.

Fortunately, the country crooner turned his chair for Brandon (so did Cee Lo) and the pair was able to make the partnership official.

While Cee Lo might have lost out on Brandon, he did score the next contestant, Lupe Carroll who sang a smooth version of "If I Were a Carpenter."

Surprisingly, Cee Lo was the only coach who turned for Lupe, but hey, at least he's still in the game!

Next up, we met Grey, who sang Kelly Clarkson's "Catch My Breath" and was lucky enough to have her choice between all three of the boys after she showed that she could hit a serious high note--even Cristina teased that she was already eyeing the battle rounds where she might be able to steal her.

Despite the fact that Blake told her she had a voice he could win with, Grey still chose Adam, securing the final spot on his team.

Dominic Scott Kay was next, but his version of "Easy" didn't get any of the coaches to turn their chairs and he was sent home.

With only one spot left on Christina, Blake and Cee Lo's teams, the pressure was on Michael Lynch as he took the stage to sing "Bailamos," which was impressive, especially considering he isn't Latin at all.

Fortunately for Michael, all three of the remaining coaches turned their chairs (which is almost like a four-chair turn, considering they were the only three that could).

Ultimately, Michael chose Christina as his coach and her team is now complete.

Now that only Blake and Cee Lo had spots left on their team, the competition was even tougher and Deanna Johnson was unable to get either of the remaining coaches to turn their chairs.
Deanna Johnson "Stars" –nobody

The second to last contestant was Brian Pounds, who sang "Wagon Wheel." While it seemed like another shoe-in for Blake, Cee Lo turned his chair, too. Despite having both Adam and Christina's support behind him, Cee Lo was unable to beat Blake out for the country artist.

The final contestant in this season's blind auditions was Shawn Smith (aka "Big Sexy") who sang "Chicken Fried."

Cee Lo sealed the deal when he turned his chair for him and he finally scored himself a country artist.

The teams all definitely look strong as we head into the battle rounds!

Do you have any early favorites?



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