Nick Jonas Men's Fitness Interview: Jonas Brothers "Comes with Challenges"

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Does Nick Jonas reveal any Jonas Brothers problems in this new Men's Fitness interview? After the Jonas Brothers announced they had canceled their tour and rumors of a breakup swirled, fans have been looking for answers to what caused their "rift." Nick Jonas Men's Fitness interview Jonas Brothers break upOn the heels of the Jonas Brothers announcing that they have canceled their tour (and breakup rumors swirling), comes a new Nick Jonas interview with Men's Fitness.

Does Nick reveal any of the "rift" between him and Kevin and/or Joe?

Well, it's an article mainly about fitness related stuff--you know, working out and diet suggestions, but he did shed a little light on the band.

We're sure you can read into it plenty, but when asked what it's like being in a band with his brothers, he said, "The pro is that you have a really good support system. The con is that you are with the same people every day for a long time, which, if you're family or not, can be a lot at times. But we all have a good relationship and actually really enjoy our time together."

Okay, things sound mostly good, but maybe there's a hint of the annoying aspect of being with each other a lot?

Nick was also asked "Do things ever break down after a while?" His response didn't give any insight into creative differences, just that "Joe forgets lyrics a little bit."

He also addressed targeting an older crowd and how best to achieve that, saying, "It definitely comes with challenges. There are a lot of different ways you can approach coming to maturity, but the one we took is to continue to grow with the fans and take our time with it because it will last longer."

So, it does sound like maybe therein lies the problem--how do they still appeal to older fans? Maybe some of the conflict among the brothers came in developing the best way to achieve that.

Nick, of course (since it's Men's Fitness), spoke about his workout (circuit training and cardio) and what he's eating these days ("I've cut out most carbs"), as well as the challenges of getting results as a diabetic.

Do you think Nick's interview hinted at any of the Jonas Brothers' problems?


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