Why Did Jonas Brothers Cancel Their Tour? Weak Ticket Sales, Fighting Rumors

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Why did the Jonas Brothers cancel tour weak ticket sales breaking up
Why did the Jonas Brothers cancel their tour? Was it weak ticket sales, are Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas fighting or are they breaking up? We piece together the rumors and details about the canceled shows, plus watch their last performance together. Was there any tension? Why did the Jonas Brothers cancel their tour? We've heard the creative differences excuse, but is there more to it?

Rumors of weak ticket sales and fighting among the JoBros are spreading like wildfire.

So, basically, any time (soon, please?) that Joe, Nick or Kevin want to pop up and set the record straight...that would be appreciated.

With the very sudden cancellation (their tour was to kick off tomorrow), some are believing they scrapped the whole thing because tickets weren't selling.

A source close to the band told E! News, "ticket sales were fine, and this certainly wasn't about tickets."

The source added, "[They] had just come off a very successful summer run in bigger venues that sold very well, and the guys wanted to keep the team together through the fall until another larger run next summer--mostly to support the new music."

So...what happened then?

Another source explained that "100 percent, this is about the music," adding, "They're brothers and that will never change."

The insider added, "This isn't about personal issues. The guys recorded a lot of music and there was broad disagreement within the group about what direction to take the music."

This is madness. Even if they are disagreeing, why let fans down for this 19-city tour? Couldn't they have sorted things out along the way and given the fans what they paid for?

And yes, the Jonas Brothers breakup rumors are also flying, but nothing has been confirmed with that.

Also unconfirmed? The status of their upcoming album, V, which they teased forever would be coming "soon."

Kevin, Nick and Joe are reportedly "unsure" about the release of the album.

Meanwhile, some are trying to piece together possible signs that they were fighting, with a recent interview of Joe's explaining some of the tension.

Joe told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Sunday, "There are days that are tough. You try to relive what what we used to be, but you have to remind yourself that it's a different music. It's a different vibe. We are our own bosses these days and have to build our own relationships and businesses and continue to craft our sound, and not just be a band that plays to a certain market."

He added, "We're wanting to make music that at the end of the day we can sit back and be excited about."

So, are they not excited about their music? Or just bummed that they can't get the glory days back?

Please, guys, give the fans some answers about what's going on.

The video above is the last performance that the Jonas Brothers gave--do you sense any disagreement/unhappiness among them?

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