Joe Jonas Talks Jonas Brothers Breakup: "Shut Up, Man"

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What does Joe Jonas have to say about the rumored Jonas Brothers breakup after they canceled their concert tour? When asked by a paparazzi about the status of the JoBros split, he says simply, "Shut up, man." When will Kevin, Nick and Joe talk? %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-2938%

We're still waiting on the Jonas Brothers to explain themselves, but here's the official word from Joe Jonas on the canceled tour and possible breakup: "Shut up."

Joe was seen leaving an LA recording studio, when the paparazzi followed him and tried to get some answers directly from the source.

(Sidenote: Why is Joe at a recording studio alone? You know this is going to drum up rumors that he's gone solo.)

Joe is asked, "So are you guys gonna break up for sure?"

Looking annoyed, he answers, "Shut up, man."

The pap continued, "you guys are gonna break up or did you come here to record...what's the deal, man? Everyone wants to know."

Indeed. Everyone does want to know what's going on.

The Jonas Brothers spokesman, Jesse Derris, had told People in a statement, "There is a deep rift within the band. There was a big a disagreement over their music direction."

Somehow, that's just not enough of an explanation for the fans.

Kevin recently told Out magazine, "For seven years, it was nonstop. We had moments where we got frustrated with one another and we really just needed time alone."

He added, "You can imagine what it's like for a band to be together all the time, but imagine if they're family, too."

In the same interview, Nick had talked about branching out on their own from their own label, explaining, "I think we realized that, creatively, we were in very different places."

Joe added, "We were in that place where we were starting to think about being able to make our grown-up record. We didn't want to talk about if they would put a parental advisory label on it."

What do you think is going on with the Jonas Brothers?

Joe Jonas leaving a recording studio in LA 10/10/13 on Twitpic

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