Miley Cyrus: 41-Year-Old Male Fan's Body Is Covered in Miley Inspired Tattoos (PICS!)

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miley cyrus
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Just when you thought you have the coolest and/or creepiest tattoo there is...!

Carl McCoid, a 41-year-old Miley Cyrus fan has become popular and well-known all over the world thanks to the Miley-inspired tattoos on his body. He has over 20 of them!

The older Smiler made headlines a few years ago when he only had 15 Miley tats and now he's back with way more.

One of his latest and probably the best Miley ink job he has had done, is the one of Miley sticking her tongue out. He just got it on him to mark his twentieth tattoo and it's located on his right side.

Carl didn't stop there either. He just got his 21st Miley tat and it's the word "Bangerz" across his shoulders. Wow! He has to be the most dedicated Smiler out there...or the craziest!

What do you think of Carl's Miley tattoos? Would you get your favorite artist's face inked on you?

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