Selena Gomez Falls Down on Stage (WATCH!)

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Selena Gomez had an epic fail when she fell down at her recent show in Fairfax, Va.!

It all went down on Oct. 10 when Sel was performing at her concert and singing her hit song "Slow Down". From what we can see in the audience-taped footage, Sel tripped up on her foot as she was jumping up and down during her dance routine and fell down pretty hard.

Like a pro, Selena hopped back up and kept dancing and singing after her fall. It didn't go unnoticed though! A back up dancer stepped off the stage to assist and help her up. Embarrassing!

Watch the whole incident go down in the video above. Jump to the 3:20 mark to see her fall down!

Selena isn't the only star to bust her butt on stage. Click here to watch Carrie Underwood's recent, nasty on-stage spill!

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