Liam Payne Almost Caught Naked in Pics After Underwear Stolen!

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Liam Payne almost flashed more skin than One Direction fans have ever seen, as he explains how his underwear was stolen and he was photographed commando with his pants very low. Watch the interview; Liam explains his penis was "millimeters" from being seen. Liam Payne underwear stolen almost naked penis pic
When Liam Payne's underwear was stolen, we almost saw a lot more of the One Direction star than he would have liked.

For you eagle eyed fans, Liam was spotted after the panty snatching out on the balcony of his hotel--commando--with his pants very low.

In a new interview, Liam explains that we were oh-so-close to seeing an x-rated view of the boybander.

He retells the whole thing (starting 5:15 in the video), saying that he was sleeping naked when a fan crept up to his balcony and stole his underwear...and when he ran out to check on the scene, he pulled on a pair of pants and paparazzi almost caught the money shot.

Liam said, "I was in bed and I heard something bang on the balcony. I'd woken up and was still lying there in bed."

"I just saw this eye peering through the middle of the crack where the door was. And my door wouldn't close properly so it was open and she started trying to open the door," he added.

Liam continued, "I was like what do I do? I'm naked and I have no resources around me to not be naked. And that's why there's a picture of me with basically almost my full penis out. We were millimeters away from a bit of penis there."

Harry Styles, ever the eloquent one, added his two cents, noting: "That's living the dream walking on the balcony, your wang hanging out."

Too funny.

On the serious side though, Liam told The Sun newspaper it's all a bit frightening, explaining, "When you're butt naked and there's a stranger looking through the window, it's scary. If you flip it the other way round and it was me looking through the window, I'd have been straight off to jail."

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