One Direction Talk Staying Grounded: Their Pre-fame Friendships

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How do the One Direction guys stay grounded, despite their fame? Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne talk about how their pre-fame friends keep their feet on the ground. Find out what they say about their friends.

How do the One Direction guys seem to stay so grounded, despite their meteoric rise to fame?

They're the most famous boyband on the planet right now, but they have a simple way to keep themselves from getting too full of themselves...friends.

And not the entourage-type of yes men that follow celebs around, but old friends who knew them way back when.

The 1D guys tell Top of the Pops magazine (via Sugarscape) that their pre-fame friendships are a huge part of keeping things real.

Liam Payne explained, "I've still got the same friends back home as I did before the band. That's really important to me. They treat me the same as they always did."

Louis Tomlinson added, "It would be easy to make a lot of new friends in the industry, but when you see your old mates and they treat you the way they always have done, it brings you straight back to earth."

And now for some strange facts about One Direction--how many of these did you know?

Strange Facts About One Direction


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