Did Lorde Diss One Direction? Fake Tweet Stirs Up Fandom

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Did "Royals" singer Lorde diss One Direction, calling the boyband "overrated" in a recent interview? Find out why one fan started the rumor with a fake Twitter post and what Lorde thought of the 1D show she went to.

Lorde disses One Direction hoax fake TwitterWait, Lorde dissed One Direction?

The "Royals" singer reportedly called 1D "overrated," inciting plenty of hate from the fandom.

Lorde reportedly made the comment to MTV News, saying, "One Direction are pretty overrated and their music isn't really good I find it odd they're famous."

You may recall she previously made digs at Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, and while she backtracked on her Taylor comments, did note, "I don't think I say anything that isn't backed up. Most of the time I will stand by things that I've said."

Before you get too riled up over Lorde's comments about the boyband, note that she did go to a One Direction concert recently in New Zealand.

Certainly someone who thinks a band is overrated wouldn't go see one of their shows, right?

Yep, it appears someone made the quote up on Twitter, a Justin Bieber fan who reportedly was trying to get "Heartbreaker" to number one on iTunes.

You certainly can't believe everything you read online.

Lorde tweeted about the 1D concert, writing, "the weirdest lil goth at the one direction concert is meeeee," adding, "This is the most enthusiastic audience I have ever witnessed."

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