Taylor Swift Says Her Recent Los Angeles Show Was Her 'The Giver' Movie Audition

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Taylor SwiftSurprisingly, Taylor Swift didn't have to try out for her upcoming movie role in The Giver!

According to the "Red" singer, her latest Los Angeles shows on her Red tour were her movie auditions.

"Actually, the movie came about very unexpectedly...When I played my shows in L.A., I was unaware that people from this movie were in the audience, and I had a role offered to me the next week," Taylor said in a recent interview with ABC News Radio.

Maybe it was all of her on stage costumes, dancing and storytelling skills that turned them on? Her concerts do give off a movie feel because they're so entertaining and full of fairytale-like stuff.

"I think my show tends to be very emotional and moody and they saw something that they needed in the role. So, I'm very honored and lucky to get to be a part of it, and we'll see how it goes," Tay continued.

"Please wish me luck."

The Giver isn't the only movie project Taylor has been working on lately! She just recorded a song for an upcoming movie. Listen to it here!

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