Harry Styles' Naked Prank Goes Wrong: 10 Minute Wrestling Headlock!

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One Direction prank gone wrong? Harry Styles' naked wrestling plan went haywire when he found himself in a headlock. Was he wrestling with Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne or Niall Horan? Find out now! %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-60%

The One Direction guys definitely like their pranks--but Harry Styles' recent naked wrestling hijinks somehow went very wrong.

To back up...yes, Harry seemed to believe that being naked was necessary, because...well, he's Harry?

Hazza retells the naked encounter, where he decided to have a bit of fun with 1D's tour manager, Paul.

He explained to The Daily Star (via MTV), "We do have a really good laugh if we're in a stupid mood. Once we jokingly decided to attack Paul, our tour manager. I was naked and thought it would be a quick fight but it took forever so I was stuck in a naked headlock for about ten minutes."

Just a quick fight, eh, Harry?

Note to cupcake: you might want to put some pants on before getting tangled up with another guy. Just sayin'.

Also? Pics or it didn't happen.

Don't keep us waiting, Harry.

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