Katie Holmes vs. Christina Aguilera in Hot Pink Mini Dresses

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Katie Holmes and Christina Aguilera both recently opted for the same style, choosing a hot pink mini dress to flaunt their incredible figures. Question is: Who Wore It Better?

Katie Holmes and Christina Aguilera both have fabulous figures, there's no question about that.

Christina recently showed off her weight loss in this form-fitting LPD (little pink dress) as she walked the red carpet at an event for The Voice.

Katie Holmes chose a similar number for her appearance at the Gravity premiere.

Of course, the outfits do look a lot alike, but do you think one of them wore it better?

They both chose to pair the sexy little pink dress with a pair of nude heels and minimal jewelry, although Christina's dress shows a lot more cleavage.

Which of these lovely ladies do you think wore this hot pink dress best?

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