Miley Cyrus Is Not Dating 'Rolling Stone' Photographer Theo Wenner

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Miley CyrusIs Miley Cyrus dating Theo Wenner or not?

Earlier this week, there were reports online that the two socialites were in fact dating and that Miley was crazy about him. Liam Hemsworth, who? As much as we'd like for Miley to be with Theo, E! News is reporting that they ARE NOT dating and that they're just "new friends."

We first heard about the singer potentially hooking up with the Rolling Stone magazine photographer a few weeks ago when she was in New York City for her Saturday Night Live gig. It seems like things are still "just friends" between them...even though he's the guy who shot her TOPLESS Rolling Stone magazine cover!

We're sure a relationship is the last thing on Miley's mind right now. She is currently sick and worn out since her recent breakup and promoting her new album. She even tweeted about her illness earlier today!

Do you think Miley will eventually start dating Theo? Is it too soon for her to move on? Chime in!

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