Jonas Brothers Fight Details Emerge: Personal Issues, Changing Band Name and Image?

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What are the Jonas Brothers fighting about? Why did they cancel the tour and are they breaking up? A lot of unanswered questions but a new report points to disputes over changing their name, shifting their image and brand, as well as personal issues. What are Jonas Brothers fighting about breaking up
What are the Jonas Brothers fighting about?

Judging by the fact that the Jonas Brothers have said nothing about their canceled tour and rumors of breakups and drug addiction are swirling, we're not surprised that details about their fight are coming to light.

What caused that so-called "rift" among them? Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas must have been seriously fighting over something important to call the whole thing off.

Sources tell E! News that a lot of differences contributed to them ultimately canceling (and maybe... breaking up?), including discussions about their image, brand and even a name change.

Can you imagine if the Jonas Brothers were named just...Jonas? That is reportedly one of the issues they were disputing.

The guys also debated about how to rebrand their music and look--with a difference of opinion between taking things edgier and aging the band up a bit or sticking with the same formula.

Of course, the big disagreement had to do with the direction they wanted to take the music, with Nick reportedly wanting a more jazzy sound and Joe looking to head in a rock direction.

E! News' sources say their upcoming album, "V," was a compromise of the two styles.

The delay with finishing their album in time for their tour (they didn't get it done pre-tour) also made things tense.

Finally, according to the report, there were personal issues involved as well, with E! noting, "These issues, however, are very closely guarded. So much so that people who have worked with them for years are not aware of what they are."

There's a lot of information to chew on, for sure.

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