Miley Cyrus Reportedly Planning "Classy" American Music Awards Performance

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Miley CyrusThe 2013 American Music Awards are right around the corner and Miley Cyrus is on the list as one of their big performers. As excited as we are for that, many others are afraid of what her show is going to be like! Will it out do her epic VMAs performance last month?

According to, Miley and her people have decided to throw everyone a curve ball and actually put on a classy performance at the American Music Awards.

"I know some people on her team are pushing her to go in a totally different direction and flip the script completely," a source told the site.

"Instead of going for shock value, they want her to do something really classy that showcases her amazing voice."

We have to agree with her crew and think the classy and sing-your-heart-out-way is the best route for her to take at the AMAs. As much as we're in to her twerking and raunchy ways, her voice is amazing and she should want people to focus on that. Plus, her record is at number one and she already made her re-entry and got her "wow" out of everyone like she wanted.

This wouldn't be the first killer vocal performance she had the AMAs either. Remember in 2010 when she sang her heart out on stage?

Do you think Miley should put on a show at the American Music Awards like she did at the MTV Video Music Awards or should she tone it down and show off that voice? Chime in!

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