Britney Spears Backtracks on Claim That She's Being Pushed Too Far

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Britney Spears recently said that she was a little uncomfortable with her "Work B**ch" video because she was pushed to be a little more sexy than she wanted to, but in this new interview, the pop star is backpedaling on that statement. In a recent interview, Britney Spears implied that she was being pushed too far in terms of her super sexy image and said that she had to take a lot of scenes out of her new video "Work B**ch" because they were just too much.

After the interview, Britney's father and her manager said that the pop star, who is still under conservatorship, is never pushed into anything.

Now, Britney is backpedaling on that statement and in a new interview, says basically says that being super sexy is just part of the gig. "It goes with what I's part of who I am and what I do," she says.

Definitely a little contradictory to what she said before, but whatever.

Also in the interview, BritBrit talks about the pressure to look a certain way and how she has tried to escape that whole image-conscious culture.

As a special surprise at the end, she even goes back into her British accent (you know, the one from the pink wig days?)

Check out the interview above to hear the pop star spill about her image, her upcoming Vegas show and a whole lot more!

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