MTV's 'Big Tips Texas' Girls Make Us Their Signature Drinks!

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Bottoms up! Morgan and Tiffany from MTV's 'Big Tips Texas' stopped by to chat about their new show and to show us their signature drinks! Bottoms up!

Morgan and Tiffany from MTV's new show Big Tips Texas stopped by recently to chat about their show, while demonstrating how to make their yummy signature drinks.

"It's a party," Morgan says about Big Tips Texas. "Everyone comes in for the Redneck Heaven experience. There's also a lot of drama...But at the end of the day, we are a sisterhood." Tiffany explains the core of the show, "It's all about following your dreams and making them come true."

These girls may be bartenders now, but "I want to become a barrel racer," Morgan reveals. "You run out of an alleyway on a horse at full speed as fast as you can and figure-8 around three barrels." Tiffany, on the other hand, wants to grow within Redneck Heaven. "My dream is to make Redneck Heaven as big as it can possibly be. And I love managing and being there with the girls."

Since Tiffany works so closely with the staff, it's no surprise she has a strong opinion about what makes a Redneck Heaven server successful: "We want our girls to have a lot of personality. We love girls with tattoos, girls that are loud with big personalities and showing exactly who they are."

Check out the video (above) to see Morgan and Tiffany make us their signature drinks!

And don't forget to catch Big Tips Texas on Wednesdays at 10.


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