Tegan and Sara Talk About Katy Perry's 'We Can Survive' Concert: "It's a Win-Win"

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We were thrilled to get a call from Tegan and Sara's very own Tegan Quin. Check out the 5 things you should know about Tegan and Sara, including their participation in Katy Perry's 'We Can Survive' benefit show! Girl power!

We were thrilled to get a call from Tegan and Sara's very own Tegan Quin. During our fun chat, we learned how they got their start, what song Tegan wish she wrote and what's coming up next for the sisters (including Katy Perry's We Can Survive benefit concert)! Check out the 5 things you should know about Tegan and Sara.

5: "When we were teenagers it was the late '90s and pretty much everyone we knew was in a band," Tegan told us. But even though most of those people were guys, "We were up to the challenge to start a band and write music." A gig on Halloween gave them the push they needed. "When we were like 16, we joined a band with a bunch of guys and played four of their songs and two of our songs. People at the party afterwards, all they could talk about was the two songs that we played of our own. We realized people really liked it when we sang and played together."

4: They may be twin sisters in a band, but they still have their own individual writing styles. "Sara tends to be a bit more introverted and I'm a bit more extroverted. In the past I've been the louder, faster, more punk rock version and Sara is the more indie, layered and kind of intelligent part of the band," Tegan sad. And with their seventh album, Heartthrob, they found the perfect balance. "The last few [albums] have been more mellow. We wanted to make sure we weren't relying on stuff in the past. We wanted to bring new experiences and shed light on new insights in our lives, love and relationships."

3: Tegan and Sara have penned a handful of great songs, but there's one song out there Tegan wishes she wrote. "I love "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus! I think it's a beautiful song. It's so simple and sometimes the best pop songs are just simple songs," she revealed. "I feel like there's a negative connotation with pop music because it's oversimplified sometimes. But if you do it well it's actually harder to write a simple song with one very cool strong message than it is to write some weird crazy indie rock song."

2: Holiday season is approaching, but that doesn't mean it's break time for these ladies. "We're doing a bunch of special radio performances all over the states, then we head to Western Europe and Southeast Asia and we're kind of on the road until Christmas." They also will be participating on Paramore's upcoming cruise tour. "We're doing a cruise called Parahoy in spring next year. We're so thrilled! I saw Paramore play in Vancouver about a week ago and we were all laughing backstage about how excited we are, but we're all nervous to wear bathing suits."

1: Being nervous isn't something they felt when Katy personally picked them to be a part of her special show. "It's really cool! She's came to a few shows and seemed to be a big fan, but you never know," Tegan said about Katy. "She reached out and asked if we'd be a part of this We Can Survive show that benefits the Young Survival Coalition [an organization whose tagline is "Young women facing breast cancer together"] and obviously being a woman who has had lots of women with breast cancer in my life, we were on board immediately. It's exciting to be hand picked by Katy Perry and best of all it's been so great to be able to talk about an issue that's so important to us and know we're raising money and awareness for the Young Survival Coalition. It's a win-win."

Along with Tegan and Sara-- Kacey Musgraves, Sara Bareilles, Ellie Goulding and Katy Perry will be performing on October 23 at the Hollywood Bowl for Katy's We Can Survive benefit show.

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