Farrah Abraham Dating DJ Brian Dawe

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farrah abraham
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Farrah Abraham finally has a real boyfriend! Not one that she may or may not have hired to shoot a porno with her, but a real, live boyfriend!

So, what's this guy's story?

His name is Brian Dawe and he's a DJ from Florida, where Farrah resided for quite some time, but it sounds like they actually met at work. No, not THAT kind of work.

According to WetPaint, Brian was DJ-ing at an event in Orlando. Farrah was doing an appearance at the club that night and...the rest is history.

They have apparently been dating for quite some time now, but have been keeping their romance a secret.

When paparazzi photos of the duo finally emerged, Brian posted one of the articles on his Instagram with the caption "Well...I guess everyone knows now #surprise."

Yes, yes we do...and we also know WAY more than we ever wanted to about his leading lady, thanks to her recent...er, business endeavors.

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