Kendall and Kylie Jenner Speak Out About Nightclub Incident

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner have had enough of people talking about them being underage and going to a nightclub. The sisters were quiet about the incident for a couple of days, but now Kendall and Kylie JennerKendall and Kylie Jenner are tired of hearing about the night they went to a 21-and-over club.

There was speculation that the girls might have used fake IDs to gain entrance into the club, but the family denies any wrong doing, with a source saying the doorman recognized them and let them into the club without asking any questions.

The whole thing set off a media frenzy, with people wondering if 16-year-old Kylie and 17-year-old Kendall were legally allowed to be in the club and whether or not they might have been "partying."

The girls were pretty quiet about it for awhile, but now they have taken to Twitter to defend themselves.

Kendall unleashed the following fury on the entire Twitterverse this afternoon:

She concluded the rant that she just got a new great dane puppy.

As for little sister Kylie, she decided she would say something about it, too (the clubbing, not the puppy).

In tweets that almost coincided exactly with Kendall's, Kylie wrote:

Do their recent comments change your mind about the whole thing?

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