Louis Tomlinson Pursuing Acting Career? Liam Payne Thinks He Should!

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Could One Direction star Louis Tomlinson be heading into an acting career? His 1D bandmate Liam Payne thinks Louis could follow in Justin Timberlake's talented footsteps, making the jump to acting roles. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-61%

In case that whole mega successful boy band thing doesn't work out, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson could always turn to acting.

At least, that's what bandmate Liam Payne thinks, telling Hot Hits (via Capital FM) that he believes Louis could very well follow in Justin Timberlake's multi-talented footsteps.

Liam explained, "Do you know what I saw the Justin Timberlake new movie...it was really, really good."

He added, "I am very proud of the idea that he has come from just being in a boyband to doing something like that, but I don't think I've got the talent for that. He is a very talented guy to be able to pull off that as well as he does, as being one of the best performers in the world."

Though it's not his cup of tea, he believes Louis could have an acting career ahead of him, saying, "Because he puts himself in a lot of roles, I think Louis would be quite good."

He explained, "He will sit on the bus sometimes and tell us lots of stories and he'll put himself in the character. I do reckon he would be quite good actually."

We'd watch him, for sure.


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