Harry Styles and Sjana Earp Dating? Read What She Says About the Rumors

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Is Harry Styles dating One Direction fan Sjana Earp? Did they have a date at McDonald's? Read what Sjana says about meeting and hanging out with Harry as she sets the record straight. Harry Styles dating Sjana Earp McDonaldsHarry Styles has a new favorite date night spot, if rumors are to be believed--McDonald's.

So, Harry reportedly took an Australian One Direction fan named Sjana Earp through the McD's drive-thru and the inevitable dating rumors started flying.

So, is Harry dating Sjana Earp...or what?

Taking a girl out for a meal (well, fast food...but still) kind of qualifies as a date, even if it's maybe one of the least romantic places to dine.

Sjana reportedly shared a pic of Harry at the drive-thru on her Instagram, with the caption, "Harry knows how to make friends; he buys them Maccas. Thanks maaaate."

She also struck down any dating rumors, clearing up some of the misinformation that's been reported about her, tweeting: "@unrealitytv i'm not a model, my twitter is not @sjanaelise that is a fake, you misquoted me on several occasions and i'm not dating Harry x"

So there you have it, right?

When asked on her blog what Harry is like, she said, "Probably the single NICEST person i've ever come across. And it's genuine, which is such an incredible thing to posess these days! He has a little more charisma and humour than i thought but it made him even more of a pleasure to be in the presence of."

She added about Hazza's personality, "just really chilled, friendly and relaxed in his presence."

Sjana wasn't going to dish on any details, noting, "my life is not defined by my social media sites, and there are some things that are best kwpt confidential (especially for safety and security reasons for both him, the band and myself and my family). Rumours are started, spread and beLIEved so easily and are so prevalent these days that there is never any knowing true from false.. For privacy reasons, it is my choice not to talk about it and give details as it is no concern to others:) people are people afterall.. Regardless of their reputation."

She added, "And having a private/personal life is something i think we should all be able to have.. I'd appreciate if everyone could respect that, not just of me or Harry but of EVERYONE. You don't need to know every detail about other peoples lives."

She did explain, "So yes, I spent some time with Harry throughout the weekend, and no I don't desire to elaborate further and i'd appreciate if everyone could respect that.. He is quite literally one of THE nicest and most beautiful humans I have met and I think he deserves to have a break from being scrutinised, criticised for his friend choice, pried upon and rumours started or falsely spread. Don't you?"

And by the way, she noted, "P.s backstage we just ate (there was a buffet) and chilled out with Harry to eat it"

As for how the meeting came to be, Sjana wrote, "he didn't "pick me out".. He contacted me before they even got to Aus x"

What do you make of Harry and Sjana?

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