Harry Styles Flirts with Interviewer, Gets Turned Down!

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Did Harry Styles get rejected by a woman? Find out the details from an Australian interviewer, Samantha Armytage, who said Harry hit on her and was flirty, but she turned him down because he's too young!

Harry Styles rejected by woman he hit on
Whoa. Harry Styles got turned down by a woman?

Following a recent interview with Australian TV presenter Samantha Armytage, Harry reportedly got a bit flirty--and she totally wasn't feeling it.

Samantha interviewed One Direction for Sunrise on Channel 7 and afterwards, Harry reportedly asked if she wanted to go golfing.

Not exactly all that flirty, but still.

Samantha told The Herald Sun she was a bit won over by Harry's charm at the start, explaining, "When he walked in and kissed me on the cheek I thought 'Oh, hello.'"

She added, "Harry was very open and talked about women. He did say he didn't care about age. And there was a lot of flirting from him--and it wasn't just in one direction. It went in both directions."

Samantha noted that Harry offered up a spot of golf, but she said she's into older men, noting, "He did invite me for a round of golf. He is far too young. And I'm too old for him. I prefer older men, I'm old enough to be his mother."

So, what do you think? Was Harry's golf offer hinting at a date? Or was she reading into it too much?

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