Nick Jonas on Jonas Brothers Breakup: "Musically We Became Limited"

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Nick Jonas wanted to quit the Jonas Brothers? Is that what caused them to make the decision to break up? Listen to Nick's latest interview, where he discusses musical issues and more. Nick Jonas decision to quit Jonas Brothers break up
Nick Jonas chatted with the B96 J Show today, letting fans know more about why the Jonas Brothers broke up.

In a nutshell, Nick wasn't happy.

He explained, "It was a long process, and to sum it up in this last month when we did all this wouldn't do it justice because I think it's a lot bigger timeline. Basically I actually came to my brothers and said, 'Look, I'd love to have a conversation we need to have with you guys where we just talk about where things are at and get really honest and real with each other.'"

He added, "I laid out some of the concerns I had about the group, you know, and said 'I feel like if we continue on this path with these issues, it's going to be really difficult to continue for all of us.'"

After talking it through, Nick said, "we all did see that there were a lot of issues in the group and things that need to be addressed and came to a decision that we had been functioning as individuals within this group for a long time, and that it was time to close that chapter."

Despite the sadness fans are feeling, he said, "This is the right move for all of us."

Was it primarily musical issues then?

"No," Nick explained, "It was more than just the musical direction...I think some differences where I think we saw the band going...musically we became limited as a result."

Despite their new album V not coming out, they are doing something for their fan club "because they've been so supportive of us for so many years."

Nick noted that 10 live tracks from the Jonas Brothers summer tour and four of the songs that would have been on V will be available for fans.

Listen to the full interview here.

What do you think of the Jonas Brothers decision to break up? Do you think they should have at least carried out the tour?

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