Jonas Brothers: Was Breaking Up the Best Option?

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Was the Jonas Brothers breakup the best decision that Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas could have made? While we've heard the reasons behind their split, it sounds like it was the only option for a band that has become irrelevant in the current music landscape. Jonas Brothers breakup best decision
Was a Jonas Brothers breakup the right call?

While we've heard all the reasons for the JoBros splitting, it sounds like it might have been the best decision for all of them (not so much for the fans, however). believes that the Jonas Brothers made the right call in breaking up.

Writer Andy Greene reports the tough reality: "The Jo Bros haven't been a real commercial force since sometime around 2009, and the rise of Justin Bieber and One Direction made them wildly irrelevant to all but the most die-hard fans."

The writer points to sold out arenas in 2008 versus this summer's concert date at the Toronto Molson Ampitheater, which seats 16,000--but the brothers sold just 6,000 tickets, even with a Groupon discount offer.

Further, the article states, they were "spiraling down towards the state fair and club circuit" and barely got any media attention until breakup rumors made a ripple.

Rolling Stone also notes that a Jonas Brothers reunion could be in the cards, but not too soon: "They just need to wait until the tweens of 2007 start feeling nostalgic. That'll probably be sometime around 2020, but odds are high they won't be able to wait that long."

Do you think there's some truth in Rolling Stone's take on the split?

While it's sad to see them breakup--it sounds like they were in a decline and it may have been the best decision.

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