One Direction 'Story of My Life' Video Leaked Online by VEVO

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One Direction Story of My Life music video leaked online watch
The One Direction "Story of My Life" music video was leaked online by VEVO today, then immediately pulled down. Did you get a chance to watch the full "Story of My Life" video, or are you waiting until the premiere? Well, the One Direction "Story of My Life" music video leaked online--by VEVO--but was removed almost immediately (they meant to post the '2 Days to Go' video above).

Some were able to watch "Story of My Life" on VEVO or YouTube before it was pulled.

New! Watch official "Story of My Life" full music video here.

Additionally, screen shots from the video and Vine video clips have made their way on Twitter since the "Story of My Life" video leaked.

The question is: did you (or will you) watch the leaked "Story of My Life" video footage...or do you plan to wait until the official full video premiere on Sunday?

A storm is brewing in the fandom, naturally--there's plenty of excitement and curiosity about the new video that makes it hard to resist a peek, but diehard Directioners feel it's not fair to watch the leaked version.

Where do you stand?

Well, we did peek before the leaked version got pulled--and we won't spoil it for anyone who's waiting, but honestly, it's so beautifully done, fans are going to be so thrilled with it.

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