Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz Release "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me" Video (WATCH!)

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You aren't even ready for the adorableness that's Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz's new music video!

It all goes down in the guys' vid for their new single "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me".

The music video features adorable couples doing adorable things like eating ice cream in the park, cuddling under a tree, strolling hand-in-hand by the water. Meanwhile, our guys Jason and Hunter are seen alone sitting on benches. Hunter's then approached by the cutest dog ever, a golden retriever. He's then approached by the dog's beautiful owner. Typically, he finds out she's taken at the end. LOL!

Jason is i eventually joined on his park bench by an older woman in the video. He tries to talk to her but she's not having it. Her hubby then shows up and put the woman's hearing aid back in and they walk off happily together. Pretty neat, right?

Check out the video above! We are in LOVE...with the guys AND the song!

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