Britney Spears Releases New Song "Perfume" (LISTEN!)

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britney spears
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Britney Spears has just released her brand new song "Perfume" off of her upcoming album 'Britney Jean.'

The pop princess recently revealed that this album would be her most personal ever and while the first single "Work B**ch" didn't exactly live up to that expectation, this one definitely does.

The song is a lot slower than the usual BritBit pop ballads and the sound is a lot more raw.

"'Perfume' is incredibly special to me because it hits close to home, and I think the story is relatable to everyone," the pop star told E! News. "Everyone's been through an insecure moment in a relationship that's left them vulnerable and I think this song captures that."

In the song, Britney sings about love, insecurity and an emotional struggle that almost anyone who's ever been in a relationship can relate to.

Listen to Britney's "Perfume" below and tell us what you think.

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