Demi Lovato Defends Miley Cyrus on Katie Couric: "She's Being Who She Is"

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Demi Lovato defends Miley Cyrus Katie Couric video
Watch Demi Lovato on Katie Couric, where she defends Miley Cyrus' choices and the controversy surrounding her, plus talks about Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers and their transition from Disney. Demi Lovato has been asked about Miley Cyrus (and defended her) during numerous interviews--here's the latest, with Katie Couric.

Demi doesn't just stand up for the controversy that Miley has stirred up, but she actually makes some sense of why Miley does what she does.

Demi explained, "I think she knows what she's doing...a lot of artists take that route of shock value and that's totally fine and that's great."

She continued, "She has such a incredible voice that's overshadowed by some of the things that she's doing. It's her journey. She's having fun. She's being who she is. I'll always love her, she's been one of my friends since I was like 14."

At the end of the day, Demi says Miley is making strategic choices, noting, "She knows what she's doing...she's a businesswoman and that's what she's doing. Power to her."

Demi also explained that "the world kind of needs to get over the fact that she was Hannah Montana when she was 16."

As for her own transition away from Disney, she joked, "I guess my transition was a little easier because I went straight to rehab. I didn't twerk, I just went to rehab."

Demi also explained, "Nobody knows her. Nobody really knows who I am. Same with Selena and Jonas and everybody who's grown up in front of the public eye. We're adults now."

Demi's bottom line message to everyone? "Go a little easy on us, America."

We hear ya, Demi!

You can watch Demi on Katie on November 19th.

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