Well, hello shirtless Nick Jonas. Nice to see you again.

Watch Nick in the first teaser trailer for the movie Careful What You Wish For.

Don't worry--we paused the shirtless moment for your viewing enjoyment.

Nick co-stars with Dermot Mulroney and Isabel Lucas, with the plot involving an affair and a suspicious death.

His big movie tease comes on the heels of the Jonas Brothers breakup news (and Nick's first solo performance since that announcement).

It's safe to say Nick has a lot going on, despite splitting with his bros.

Nick tweeted: "Hey everybody.. Go check out the 1'st teaser for the movie I did earlier this year Careful What You Wish For."

In the teaser, Nick's character asks, "Can I ask you a question? How'd you get all this? I don't know the house, the jag."

Dermot's character interjects, "the wife" (seen in a skimpy bikini).

It's a short trailer, but it looks like the movie won't be short on thrills and intensity--shattering glass, passionate kissing, fire...yep, it's all there.

Careful What You Wish For comes out in 2014.

Nick Jonas shirtless Careful What You Wish For teaser trailer video

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