The Next Big Brothers Band? Get to Know AJR!

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The Jonas Brothers may have just broken up, but there's a new sibling band that's ready to leave their mark on the music scene. Meet brothers Adam, 23, Jack, 16, and Ryan, 19. Together, they make up indie pop band AJR.

The New York City based brother band got their start performing in Washington Square Park. Now, they are opening for artists such as Demi Lovato and Hoodie Allen and are currently on tour with Fifth Harmony.

While the brothers say their biggest musical influences are bands like fun. and Imagine Dragons, they also draw inspiration everywhere from past decades to pop culture. This mix of sounds is evident in their latest single, "I'm Ready."

"'I'm Ready' is kind of a perfect example of what we're all about. Our sound is combining these things from the '50s and '60s, [like] Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel and putting our own modern twist on it," said Ryan, keyboard player. "There's also dubstep and little bits of doo-wop, so we tried to make 'I'm Ready' the center of the spectrum."

Check out AJR's new music video for "I'm Ready" below!

The band plans to release their debut album later this year or in early 2014.

"We've written about 25 songs that are album ready, so if we had to put an album out tomorrow we absolutely could," said the brothers. "A bunch of the songs have different influences, some are a little bit more doo-wop, some are a little bit more rock."

Not only does AJR write all their own music, they also produce and record it in the comfort of their own living room, which they converted into a home studio.

"I do most of the producing and basically everything we do is self-taught. We would listen to the radio a couple years ago and without knowing the correct way to do it, we figured out how to make sounds as big and as exciting as the radio sounds," said Ryan. "Now when we're meeting [industry professionals] they're very impressed that we came up with a new way to create a sound you can hear on the radio."

The brothers says they plan to name their debut album Living Room, since that is where most of their songwriting and creative experimenting with recording has taken place.

"We feel that our songs are actually really, really diverse," said Jack, lead singer. "When the album comes out, you'll see that each songs appeals to a different audience and it all works together so well."

So, what does AJR think of being compared to famous brother bands like the Jonas Brothers or Hanson? They take it as a compliment!

"Our music is very different from theirs, but it's actually a honor because they're all such good musicians and really, really nice guys," said the band. "So it's actually really great."

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